Friday Newsletter on a Monday

Mrs. Roy's and Mrs. Ozar's Class

December 14th

We are so proud of our students and their performances in the winter concert and The Wizard of Oz. We knew they were special and now we know how talented they are.

Thank you for supporting them in school and all of their extracurricular activities.

December 7-18th

Homeroom: December 7th-13th was Computer Science Education Week and everyone was encouraged to do an Hour of Code anytime during the week. We headed down to the computer lab on Thursday and did our Hour of Code with a Star Wars program. I am hoping some of the students shared the website with you as they all seemed to really enjoy it. Our site is below. The kids have their own individual passwords.

Language Arts: We're reading the Watsons go to Birmingham as a read aloud and it's inspiring some great discussions. We've also been checking in on the students' progress on the 40 book challenge. Mrs Walpole will be sharing some great books with us that meet the tougher genre requirements.

In writing, we've been working hard at partner persuasive essays. We'll work on independent essays to finish up the unit during this coming week.

Social Studies: The students worked on explorer reports last week. They will finish them and present them this week. We will finish our discussion of the three worlds meeting this week.

Spelling/Wordly Wise:The spelling and Wordly Wise tests were postponed until Monday again. There will be no Wordly Wise or Spelling this week.

Science: The current unit is a short one. Students have learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and are doing experiments on sound waves (reflecting/absorbing, amplification, pitch), learning the parts of the ear and how we hear. The unit test will be next Wed., 12/16. There will be a review session in class and an optional study session Monday at lunch time. Review materials are in the students’ science folders (list of terms, notes, ear diagram, article on how we hear).

Math 5: The students have been working on identifying geometric figures by their lines and angles, as well as measuring angles accurately. They should know the difference between triangles that are equilateral, isosceles or scalene;angles that are acute, obtuse, adjacent, or vertical, and lines that are intersecting, parallel or perpendicular. They will have a Study Guide on Monday and Unit 3 test on Thursday, 12/17. I will be offering an optional lunchtime review session on Thursday.

Math 6: we're finishing unit 3 on formulas and variables. A study guide will be handed out on Monday for the test on Thursday.

Upcoming Events

12/15: Report cards come home.

12/17:Math 5 & 6 Unit Tests.

12/18: Dress UP day.

12/18: Instrumental Performance-12:45

12/18: Save the Date! The Fifth Grade Annual Winter Breakfast will be held on Friday morning, December 18th, from 8:30-9:30 in the hallway between the two fifth grade rooms. This is a low-key, casual breakfast-party where the students, parents and friends can chat. A great way to kick off the holiday season! Parents from both homerooms have volunteered to organize the breakfast and will need the help of everyone to bring in treats (bagels, muffins, juice, fresh fruit, etc.) for the party. Please look for an email with more information in the next week or so.

Odds and Ends

Our class loves to play chess during our snack time in the morning. If anyone has a chess board they would like to donate to the classroom, we would be very grateful.