Women's Rights

Lets fight For Our Freedom

Women's Right

Women's are facing Legal discrimination in Every Kind of Way, especially married woman They are not allowed to vote or hold public office,owning land,sign a contract,draft a will or even sue without their husband's permission
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I believe, We Believe

that women are the same as men and so they should have access to higher education,political power(suffrage), religious Leadership/power,right to own property. divorce and custody of their children after divorce just like men do.
1960's Women's Liberation Movement - A PBS Documentary Trailer

Seneca Falls Convention

Wednesday, July 19th 1848 at 12:30am

Seneca Falls, NY, United States

Seneca Falls, NY

Seneca Falls Convention was our first national women's rights convention,it took place on july 19,1848 at the weslyan methodist church in Seneca Falls,New York. It Was Temendously succesful,about 260 women and 40 men attended the convention

Women's are left Unheard

Women are constantly trying to make American society a Better place by taking part in temperance and supporting the abolition of slavery,but their voices are often left unheard because their voice lacks power however i assure you that one day women wil be granted equal rights and that same day they'll gain power as well


Although we have our hopes up We have to know theirs a possiblity we might not gain Equality but instead Get mistreated and be controlled by man .

How Can You help?

We don't need money all we need is you to contribute to our cause so we can help women fight for their rights,by Showing them and giving them the confidence that they have the capitabilty to stand up for themselves and for all those that are being mistreated in order to make America a better place.