Vaccinations... Yes? or No?

By: Allie Cable

Vaccine Introduction

People need vaccines and there are many reasons why. First of all vaccines don't just affect you, they also affect everyone around you. If you don't get sick, the people around you are less likely to get sick and then they can't pass it on to others around them. You could possibly save your life and many others by just getting one shot. Many people think that it is unethical or to expensive, but is it too much to ask if you could save somebody's life?

Why Vaccines?

1. Uneducated parents are not vaccinating because of irrational fears. This is putting their children and others in danger.
2. Parents think that there are more medical risks from vaccines. - The complications of the sickness are way more than that of the vaccine.
3. Some people can't get vaccines because they are in chemotherapy, immune suppressive therapy for chronic diseases or are allergic to some vaccine ingredients. So the people who can get vaccines, should so that the people who can't aren't as vulnerable and can stay healthier.
4.In one month, measles infected 70 people.
5. Not vaccinating children invites a resurgence. - The people who are not vaccinated have a better change of getting the disease and they have a smaller chance of dying.
6. It is a dangerous choice not to vaccinate because children that are not vaccinated against whooping cough, are twenty-four more times likely to contract the disease.

Vaccine Cons.

1. Some critics think that vaccines could cause autism.
2. People should be able to opt-out for religious beliefs, but they should make it harder to do so
3.Vaccination does not always mean "Immunization".