Special Services

October week of 9/28/2015

Out of the Office

Lynda will be out of the office on Wednesday and Thursday attending the Special Education Leadership Conference in Columbus.

Andrea will be out of the office Wed-Friday. We can be reached on our cells.

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Shout Outs:

Oct 12th is around the corner...FALL BREAK!

Stay Strong, it's still September and students continue to work through this transition period of a new school year! We might want to remind staff of this. Keep asking the tough question...what have you put in place to support the student?

* Would you like to pitch in for a water dispenser? I would be happy to bring in the water from our Ice Mountain delivery. We need to stay healthy and drink, drink, drink. Let Kathy know if you're interested.

* Thank you all for the great work you do. We have the best department!

* Please remember to fill our the: Documentation of Work Toward Priority Goals for our upcoming 1:1 meetings. We will schedule these for the week October 5th.

RPM Training

October 13th and 14th

Don't forget about the RPM training this coming month. The morning of the 13th, will be an overview of RPM held at CO beginning at 8:30. It will last approximately 2 hours where we will SKYPE the presentation so Forest Hills District can view. I've connected Scott with their tech guy. The afternoon of the 13th, we will have the trainer work with either Timmy or a student from Creekside. The student at Creekside has not been introduced to this model so we'll have the opportunity to see it from the start. I reached out to all parents:) Sarah M, please check in with Scott so he is prepared for this.

On the 14th, we will continue to have the trainer model the method with students followed by coaching along side our staff while they teach. Please remind MD and SCC teachers to get subs for the 14th. Related Service Staff members who work in the MD and SCC classroom are also invited to attend.

Alice Training

You are expected to attend Alice Training on October 13th from 3:00-4:30. It will be held at Central Office.