Online Student Opinion Survey


Overview of OSOS Process

OSOS Points of Interest:

  • January 2016 ALL Course Student Opinion Surveys will be Completed Online in the Qualtrics Survey System
  • Previous Student Opinion Surveys were Entered into Qualtrics Survey Database
  • Documentation of Process and Dates Sent by the VPAA's Office
  • IT Enters Course Enrollments by End Date in Distribution Panels
  • IT Pairs Distribution Mailing List to Appropriate Online Student Opinion Surveys
  • Survey Settings are Set to Prevent Multiple Submissions by Students
  • Survey will Close on Course End Dates
  • Mailings will go out to Students 2 Weeks before the Last Class Date
  • Reminders Sent to Students 3 & 7 days before Last Class
  • Faculty will have Survey Results within Weeks after Grade Submission Deadlines
  • Division Secretaries will Access Qualtrics Database & Print survey Results for VPAA Office & Division Heads.
  • Faculty will be able to View Course Survey Results from their Medallion Retention Portal Account. You can Print a Copy of your Survey Results.
  • Responses are kept Anonymous
  • If Faculty wish to Add Additional Questions, they MUST Complete the VPAA Form & Send the Questions to Students in Writing.
  • Universal Design in Qualtrics allows Student to take the Online Student Opinion Survey from ANY internet connected device (PC, Tablet, Smart Phone)
  • Faculty Choice: Give Time in Class on Digital Devices or Have Students Complete Outside of Class during the 2 Week Time Frame
  • Faculty, please inform Students of the Process during Class

A special thanks to Ray Dreschel, Mary Sokoloski, Mary Beth Scumaci, Chris McDermott, the OSOS Task Force, ETC for their work on the OSOS Project.