Julian Beever is coming to Easley!

Come see him at Old Market square on December 17th-21st!

Who is Julian Beever?

Julian Beever is a commercial chalk artist, and he is known for his 3D chalk drawings on sidewalks. He started making sidewalk art as a way to raise money for his travels, but that quickly turned into his life-long hobby.

Why Come?

Sidewalk art is a form of art that an art gallery can't keep. It is also something that you can can see the artist drawing, whereas with a sculptor, you usually can't watch them work. It will also raise appreciation for the arts in Easley, and surrounding areas. This art is very special because it is only 3D from one perspective, and through a camera lens.

When will Julian Beever visit?

Julian Beever will be visiting Old market Square from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on December 17th-21st. Come out and see him work his magic!

****If you have a smartphone with a camera, bring it so that you may see the art correctly, since the art is only 3D looking through a camera.