Counselors' Quarterly

1st Semester Wrap-Up

We're Glad You're Here!

Welcome back to the Counselor Quarterly Newsletter. We can't believe first semester is now over and that 2020 has begun. Time flies when you're having fun!

To kick off 2020, students will work on goal setting in advisory this month, which will be revisited on the last Thursday of February - May. Feel free to chat with your student regarding their goals and how they are working to achieve them this semester.

Social Media Resources Continued:

Tips To Keep Teens Safe On Social Media

What's New at PRMS

Student-Led Groups

This year, we (PRMS) have been doing our best to find more ways for students to get involved in clubs/groups or other activities at or after school. Each month we continue to host Expeditions and partner with Community Engagement to offer courses. We have also encouraged students to start their own student-led groups or clubs. Students can start a group by reaching out to Kathleen Steffen, our Assistant Principal.

New student-led groups thus far include PRISM, Climate Club, and a Bible study group.

Staff Learning & Professional Development:

Brain Development:

This year, staff members have been spending time focusing on learning more about the adolescent and how their brains develop and function between 11-14 years old. Parents/families may find the resources provided to staff helpful as well.

  1. "H.E.L.P - How to Enjoy Living with a Preadolescent" By Judith Baenen
  2. Blog post: Mom describes tween son's brain
  3. Dana Siegel - "The Adolescent Brain" (video below)
Dan Siegel - "The Adolescent Brain"

Where Will the Counselors Be?

Over the next few months, PRMS counselors will be tackling the end of the school year and beginning to prep for 2020-2021 (can you believe it?!) Ask your students about when they see us in their classrooms.


Image of February through April dates of Counselor interactions with students
Individual images of all three counselors and PRMS Social Worker + contact info

Parent & Student Resources

TIPS Reporting System:

If you or your child would like to report a concern:


LifeWorks provides outpatient and school-based therapy services within the Ankeny and DSM metro area. Reach out to your school counselor for more information about LifeWorks, or access their website linked here.

Student Assistance Program (SAP) hosted by Employee and Family Resources (EFR)

Ankeny Community Schools contracts with Employee and Family Resources to provide a student assistance program for Ankeny students. PRMS utilizes this service for small group interventions, external counseling services, etc. Learn more about how you or your family can utilize the Student Assistance Program by reaching out to your student's counselor or accessing their website linked here.