The Spiral Staircase

Literary Magazine!

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This is Us!

We are happy to bring you the official Shady Side Academy Middle School's Spiral Staircase's Literary Magazine! This was made to give everyone an opportunity to express themselves through literature arts. It is meant to be a fun and adventurous experience, to prove to everyone and mainly yourself that anyone is capable of anything! We will select various pieces of work that people will submit, and make a printed out magazine, and an iBook. Come and join us! Don't be afraid to show your intelligence!
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Commit and Submit

Be brave! Have fun! This is a chance to do your best work, and show your intelligence. You can submit; Short stories; Book reviews; Photography/Videos; Travel Writing; Art; Poetry; Musical Compositions; Scripts etc. You will have the chance to submit your work, and possibly have it be chosen to put in the Shady Side Academy Middle School literary magazine. As long as whatever you submit is educational, then you have a chance of being chosen!
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Submissions are valid from April 1, 2014 to May 5, 2014

You submit any work electronically and email it to spiralstaircase2014@gmail

If you have any questions, come and see Dr. Kajder in Room 6