Project where's my water

Donate money to save lives.

Save a child.

748 million people do not have safe water.

There are 500k children whom die from diarrheal diseases cause by unsafe water.

Over 1,400 children die each day from these diseases.


2.5 billion people don't have access to bathrooms. Many people die from diseases caused by poor sanitation and by drinking unsafe water. Clean, safe water can save half of the 500,000 people whom die from diarrheal diseases. Since many people do not have private restrooms people have to use the bathroom in the open. When they use the bathroom out in the open two things happen, one is that diseases spread faster, and the water sources can get polluted.

Why is it important to have safe water?

Water is a life necessity. Without water life on earth could not be possible. Without water crops die. When the crops die there is no food available for that family, which leads to famine and starvation.

Our Approach

With the money donated we take plumb technicians to teach the people in the community how to fix broken pipes and keep them running for a long time. We keep the community involved in each step to make sure they understand how to maintain the working project and to not abandon it.