Mean, Median, Mode and Range

SP.1, SP.2 & SP.3

IXL - Review - O's

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Watch the 4 videos!

Station #1 IXL - #27

HH.5, HH.1, HH.2

GG.3, GG.4, GG.5, GG.6, GG.7, GG.8, GG.11, GG.12, GG.18

You may use whiteboard!

Show me scores when done with all 7 (your grade will be the average of all 3 objectives)

Station # 2 Buzz Math - #28

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Station #3 MMM Task Cards - #29

1) You may use a calculator!

2) Work as a table to complete all the task cards

3) Write answers on activity page.

4) Turn into the basket