Mean, Median, Mode and Range

SP.1, SP.2 & SP.3

Watch the 4 videos!

Activity #1 IXL - #034

HH.5 Identify representative, random, and biased samples

HH.1 Calculate mean, median, mode, and range

HH.2 Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode, and range

GG.3 Interpret line plots

GG.4 Create line plots

GG.11Interpret histograms

GG.12 Create histograms

You may use whiteboard!

Show me scores when done with all 7 (your grade will be the average of all 3 objectives)

Activity # 2 Buzz Math - #035

Median and Mode

Range, Minimum, Maximum, and Mean

Statistical Questioning and Data Distribution

Line Plots


Activity #3 MMM - #036

1) You may use a calculator!

2) Work as a table to complete all the task cards

3) Write answers on activity page.

4) Turn into the basket