Secondary Transition IEP Section

A compilation of info received from various sources

Transition Assessments

  • Age appropriate and developmentally appropriate transition assessments.
  • 2-3 assessments should be included each IEP year, to assess in the 3 areas: post-school education/training, employment, and independent living
  • Should be stored somewhere to access as needed

Examples of Transition Assessments

Teacher Created Assessments

Transition Planning Inventory

Ten Sigma-Rubrics for Transition

Future Planning Inventory

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy Skills Questionnaire

Vocational Evaluation

Situational Assessment (on the job assessment)

Brigance Inventory of Essential Skills

Measurable Post-School Goals

"Describe the student's goals for one year after completing high school."

The goals are derived from information that you received from the transition assessments. These goals must be measurable.

Examples of Measurable Post-School Goals in Education and Training

One year after high school...

I plan to attend college to study to be an accountant.

I plan to attend CCRI to study to be a certified nursing assistant.

I plan to attend hairdressing school so I can be a hairdresser.

I plan to be trained to be a gardener.

I don’t know what I want to do after graduation.

I plan to do something with computers, but I am not exactly sure what yet.

I plan to attend college to be a dentist.

Examples of Measurable Post-School Goals in Employment

One year after high school...

I plan to be a veterinarian’s assistant.

I plan to work as a mechanic.

I plan to be a hairdresser.

Examples of Measurable Post-School Goals in Independent Living

One year after high school...

I plan to live in my own apartment with some other roommates.

I plan to have a license and have my own car.

I plan to have a checking account so I can pay my own bills.

Transition Services

This is what I call the "To-Do List" Section of the IEP. This notes what needs to be addressed, who is responsible for it, and what the timeframe to complete the task is.

Transition services are a coordinated set of activities and are intended to focus the student, family, and team on what the student will do after leaving school and what needs to happen to prepare for these outcomes. The team must take into account the student’s strengths, preferences and interests. They should include instruction, related services, community experiences, the development of employment and other post-school, adult living objectives and, when appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluation

(See transition services menu)

Program of Study

The courses and program of study the student will take to reach post-school goals.

  • Include program of study or if applicable, specific courses that will help the student reach his/her post-school goals. Examples: college prep, a vocational program in auto mechanics, travel and tourism academy, several technology courses, two years of a foreign language.

Looping All Transition Items Together...

  • Mention of assessments and transition assessments should occur at least 2-3 times in strengths and needs section of plop. "According to the Transition Planning Assessment, I need to ....
  • A connection should be made from the Measurable Post-School Goals and the PLOP of Functional Performance AND the Transition Services. All should be a direct result of the students post-school goals and a clear connection should be made.

Exit Survey's

Although optional, these may be helpful. Digital IEP Exit survey's for both students and parents can be found in the shared special education folder.