Freestyle Skiing

By: Tristen Rice


Freestyle skiing is super fun and extremely difficult. It is also cram packed with stuff about forces and motion. In this book you are going to be the skier. You are going to ski through this book and read all the words. If you survive this dangerous course you will be a champion. So if you are brave enough to compete read on!

How It's Played

You play this sport by going to the top of the mountain at a spot of your choice. Once your at the top of the mountain you get ready to ski down then you ski down and off a really steep slope. Finally when your in the air you perform twists, turns, and tricks to try to impress the judges because they give you points. The more points you have the better chance of winning you have.


  • Boots: Boots are used to protect your feet while skiing. They are also attached to the skis.
  • Skis: The skis are what you use to slide.
  • Ski poles: Ski poles are what you use when skiing to help you turn and push off or go forward.
  • Suit: The suit is to protect you from being cold. If your cold you can't concentrate which causes you to wreck and lose.
  • Helmet: This protects you from any rocks pebbles and any thing else that could fly at you.
  • Goggles: These keep the wind out of your eyes so you can see.

The science of this sport

When you twist in air your creating something called angular momentumn which is created when torque is applied to a mass or in this case a skier. Have you ever wondered how skiers control their motion once in air. Here's how. They control their motion by controlling their moment of inertia which they do by moving their legs in and out.

Fast Facts

This sport was first played at the 1988 Calgary Games. It became an official medal sport in 1992 in Albertsville.


Well this book has taught you everything about freestyle skiing, so next time you see some one skiing you will know just how difficult this sport is.