Casey Sessoms

What is Propane?

Propane is a gas that is full of energy, and is usually related to petroleum and natural gas. Propane is mostly found underground. Propane falls under the category of a fossil fuel. It was found millions of years a go, in the remains of tiny sea animals and plants.

Why is Propane important?

More than 50% of propane is used for industrial purposes. Industries provide propane for suited purposes. For example, metal workers use propane to fuel cutting torches. Propane is also used for a transportation fuel. Taxicab companies, school districts, and government agencies use propane today. Propane is clean-burning, and leaves engines with no deposits.
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Where is it?

Propane is found underground, in the sedimentary rock of the earth.

Renewable or Non-renewable resource?

Propane is formed by the remains of animals and plants, therefore it is a Non-renewable resource. A Non-renewable resource means it is a limited resource. It also cannot be produced as quickly as it is consumed. Propane takes more time to produce.
Propane Married to Hybrid Technology