Tucket's Travel

This book is a fiction book but provides some great detail in order to survive in the Wild West. William Tucket is a young boy, 12, who was captured by Indians and faced the fact that he might not ever get to see his parents again. He was a scared young child who had just been given a new gun for his 12th birthday.
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The author created great detail in this book which let me picture exactly what was happening. I highly recommend this book to anybody who would like an action/adventure book. Will faces many trouble and has to act quickly before anything bad happens to him.
This book is part of an amazing series which you have to read in order to get every tiny bit of information. The ending was exactly what I was hoping for because it was a good feeling even though bad things happened the whole trip to William. He clawed and fought and finally made it out! Or did he? If you want to find out read the book called Tucket's Travel