Modifying an existing structure to improve energy efficiency


Mr. Schweizer

Project Overview

Within this project we will be taking an existing building and developing possible modifications that would improve its overall energy efficiency. The end goal is to establish a potential price that the entire project would cost, as well as the amount of savings that these changes will bring.
Retrofitting Old Homes
Floor Plan

Use this floor plan to generate your 3D model and customize modifications to improve its efficiency


Students will create a 3 dimensional model of the existing house within AutoCAD. Prior to this project, students will have extensive training and practice using this AutoCAD program. Within this program students will learn how to add materials to the existing structure and how to modify the original frame to accommodate these new modifications.

Students will learn how to estimate and calculate the amount of needed materials as well as these material's overall cost. Students will use Excel to keep a running list of necessary materials and will learn how to input formulas to make calculations.

Finally students will generate a presentation that will highlight their designs and any innovative modifications that they created. Students will have a choice of which presentation program that they want to use. Possible options are: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and Smore.

Standards Addressed

ISTE Student Standards: 1abcd 2abcd 3abcd 4abcd 5ab 6abcd

Common Core ELA – Reading Standards for Literature 6-12: 1 & 2

Common Core ELA – Writing Standards 6-12: 1abcde 2abcdef 4 5 6 7 8

Common Core Math High School – Quantities: 1 3

Common Core Math High School – Complex Number Systems: 1 5 8

Common Core Math High School – Seeing Structure in Expressions: 2 3ab 4

Common Core Math High School – Creating Equations: 1 2 3 4