Why Action Research

August 2013

Benefits of Action Research

  1. Has a positive, transformative effect on your professional life
  2. Use knowledge gained within the school and school board
  3. Can apply new knowledge and skills in leadership roles such as school team leaders, curriculum leaders, instructional leaders in A.Q, courses
  4. Helps to disseminate teacher knowledge
  5. Helps improve teacher practice which can lead to improved student achievement

Rodrigue, A., Hylan, N. (2013). Nesting Action Research in a Blended Community of Practice: A Case Study, Presented at the AERA Conference 2013.

Action Research Videos

These videos provide an overview of the methodology, how to implement an Action Research Project in your classroom and the affects of Action Research on teacher practice and student achievement. Enjoy!

Action Research in the Classroom Part 1
Action Research in the Classroom Part 2

Creating a Research Question

Creating a Research Question

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