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April Newsletter

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Spring is HERE!

"Anyone can do nothing. All of us can be mediocre. You have to decide to be extraordinary!" Our Director of training said this on a leader call and it really stuck with me......

BC Beauties really is EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!! You all gave true meaning to the term MARCH MADNESS last month! Our team sold over 278k in safe personal care products! You helped grow launch our mission in Canada! You did socials, one on one appts, used social media and educated women& men all over the US and Canada with our top of the line beauty, body and baby products. I want to highlight all of your incredible achievements from March and share with you some new fun things to come in April :)

Sponsoring Incentive for new consultants to join in APRIL

Are you ready to start building a team? There is no better time to reach out to your customers, friends and network than NOW to share the Beautycounter opportunity.

Now, there are a few more reasons to say ‘Yes’ and join Beautycounter as a Consultant in April.

New Consultants who enroll between April 1 and April 30, 2016, and accumulate at least 500 in Qualifying Volume by April 30 will receive an exclusive reward. And if you achieve 1,000 in Qualifying Volume, the rewards get even better.

Reach the 500 QV milestone, and you will receive:

  • A canvas Beautycounter Pouch – to carry your supplies
  • A 25-pack of Intro to Beautycounter Trifolds – to help spread our mission
  • A Start Counting bonus of $100 in product credit
Reach 1,000 in QV, and you will receive:
  • A canvas Beautycounter Pouch
  • A 25-pack of Intro to Beautycounter Trifolds
  • Five Cleansing Balm samples
  • A Start Counting bonus of $100 in product credit

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Team BC Beauties Promotions!

March was full of Promotion Madness!!!!!

I am sure you recognize some of these names from the Top Sales and Top Sponsoring lists. It definitely goes hand in hand with promoting.

There were so many promotions this month from Senior Consultant all the way to EXECUTIVE Director and I am so proud of every single one of them. Remember, I was a senior consultant once, too!!! We ALL start somewhere :)

I do want to highlight a few of the Director and above promotions that I CAN count!

Congrats to our newest Directors (and their amazing teams). It does take TEAM WORK to get there and these women know how to do it- and SO CAN YOU!

Congrats to our New Directors:

Kelsey Wiley

Rebecca Manjarrez

Kalin Liburd

Terry miller

Congrats to our newest Senior Directors:

Tracey Bodin

Larissa Klein

Congrats to our newest Executive Director:

Jennifer Mager

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Beautycounter Baby is here and the Reviews are INCREDIBLE!

Introducing Beautycounter Baby

Corporate Calls to listen in and Share

*The next New Consultant Training Call will be held with Director of Training LeeAnne Ruff on April 11, 2016 at 11 AM PST. To join the call, dial 408.638.0968 Meeting ID 420 165 133.

*We had a corporate call(on March 30th) featuring Director of Training LeeAnne Ruff and Founding Member and Executive Director Leah Huxtable as they trained on recruiting to build a summer team. Here is the recording:


Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better

Be sure to subscribe to the Beautycounter YouTube channel to see and share their corporate videos.