Humanoid Aliens Discovered

Learn More About the Na'vi

Our Similarities to the Na'vi

The Na'vi were located on Pandora in the Alpha Centauri system as the RDA begun mining at Pandora because of the rich deposit of unobtanium. The Na'vi are very complex humanoids. Tetra pods, with two eyes, and nostrils located on the face, the Na'vi have some striking similarities to humans. Na'vi are believed to be omnivores and located on top of the food chain. The Na'vi also group together in society relatively similar to humans. They group together in tribes and have a hierarchy with a tribe leader, general, warriors, etc. Many scientists are beginning to suspect the Na'vi evolved from the humans that went rogue when first exploring Pandora over millions of years ago, due the unparalleled similarities.

Our Differences with the Na'vi

Although the similarities are frightening, there are also many differences. For starters, the Na'vi are blue. That's right, blue. The Na'vi are also humongous in comparison to humans, due to less gravity on Pandora. A minor difference: the Na'vi have four fingers on each hand, rather than our usual five. Something very strange that the Na'vi have are spots that can bioluminescence, which means they give off light. Of course, we don't do that, but many other organisms on Earth do so. But, probably the most striking feature about the Na'vi is these strands, called Queque, coming from the end of their hair that can can connect and help them interact with themselves, other organisms, and Ewya, their deity. No matter the differences, the Na'vi are definitely very interesting.