Internet safety

How to keep safe on the internet.

How to be safe.

Don't talk to strangers. Make sure that you don't put anything personal on your profile like your phone number, email address, intimate photos, ect. If you ever talk to a stranger you are putting yourself in danger. They might say:

"What's your phone number?"

"Where do you live?"

"You look VERY nice in your profile picture, do you have any more photos of yourself?"

"What do you like to do on the weekends?"

"Do you want to meet up soon? I would love to meet you!"

"I love you"


When you make your profile, say you were making your Facebook, make sure that you put your profile settings onto private. Also make sure you know the person before you accept the friends request, because if you add a friend on Facebook that you don't know then it could lead to bad consequences.

Cyber bullying

If anyone ever cyber bully's you, you MUST tell an adult! It could get worse and your parents/carers will help you. So don't just wait until it all stops. Cyber bullying is just as bad as bullying face to face, so just because it is on the computer doesn't mean it isn't as bad as being bullied at school, or anywhere. So just get help because your parents/carers know what to do.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is when you get bullied on the internet, they can be posting horrible stuff to you, sending mean messages to you. So if anyone cyber bullies you then block them and tell someone. Cyber bullying could happen to anyone and it can happen on any social network like facebook, snapchat, instagram, twitter ect. But it mostly happens on facebook. So make sure you think when you accept friends request.


When you are on a social media their could be someone stalking you. So make sure that your account is on private. Their are two types of stalking, one of them is 'internet stalking' and that's when they find out stuff about you from the internet. The other type of stalking is just 'stalking' when people stalk you in real life, when they follow you.