Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Dawn Conner

Some interesting facts

Sammy Davis was born December 8,1925. Sammy Davis has 4 kids. He married 3 times to May Britt, Loray White, and Altovise Gore. He could dance, sing, tap dance and could be a comedian. His first time on stage was when he was three


When he performed.

Sammy Davis performed with his father and uncle in the Will Masten Trio. During World war 2, he performed as an entertainer. In 1950 he went solo. He made 2 albums. He performed in plays, movies.

More facts

He walked in the big marches and campaigned into the civil rights.

In November 1954 he almost died in a car accident. His face was shatter and he lost his left eye and he had to get a glass eye but that didn't stop him from performing.

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End of his career and life.

Sammy Davis died May 16 1990. He was a heavy smoker. He had throat cancer. He was 64 years old when he died
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