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If Vipre has compatibility issue with windows


People use antivirus to stay away from trouble but some time antivirus becomes trouble. If you Antivirus become trouble visit Vipre Customer Service

If you have tried to install an older version of Vipre Antivirus Windows 10 then you have surely encountered some serious issues with the Vipre in Windows 10. The most disturbing of the issues is that Vipre does not recognize the Windows system files as part of the operating system. It also tries to delete some of them OR visit

Vipre is one of the best antivirus available on the market. But if you have upgraded your windows to windows 10 then surely you are feeling some compatible issue.

Some of the users switched to windows defender.

Issues that come on the windows 10 due to Vipre and their solutions.

Case 1: – Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Vipre. It is the most popular issue. If this happens you’ll receive pop-up notification something like “Windows Defender and Vipre Antivirus are both turned off,’ You may also see ‘Windows did not find an antivirus program”.

Solution:-Firstly disable Vipre Antivirus and then re-enable it. So that windows 10 recognize it. You can do the same by right-clicking on the Vipre Icon and go to shields control and Disable it for the 10 minutes.

Case 2: – Vipre Causes Black Screen on Windows 10

This, not a common issue, It is reported by some people that Vipre causes a black screen.

Solution:- Follow the same step as above-mentioned.

Case 3:– During Vipre Installation ‘Process Trust’ Error occurs.

This Error occurs if you have already installed an antivirus.

Solution:- You will get process Trust error when you try to install a new antivirus and you have already installed one. It does not do anything with windows 10. But it not good to have more than one antivirus. One antivirus thinks other as a virus so that it make cause harm to your computer.

I hope this has been solving your issues. But if you still face some issue you can visit Vipre Customer Service

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