Child care & School social worker

By:Lizette Soto


I tooked a child care class with Ms.Maldonado.I really liked the class. I realize that I like working with kids.It was a class that I had good grades in.I know that I could be a good child care teacher.
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Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Recommend temporary foster care and advise foster or adoptive parents.

  • Supervise other social workers.

  • Counsel students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical impairment indicate a need for assistance, diagnosing students' problems and arranging for needed services.

  • Develop and review service plans in consultation with clients, and perform follow-ups assessing the quantity and quality of services provided.

  • Address legal issues, such as child abuse and discipline, assisting with hearings and providing testimony to inform custody arrangements.

  • Lead group counseling sessions that provide support in such areas as grief, stress, or chemical dependency.

Work Environment

The work environment is really safe. You can work at a Elemantry school,Middle school,High school. I would work with other teachers.

Education and Training

I have to go to a 4 year college.I could have an Internship with a child care teacher and a social woker. According to Ms. Meg Goins, social worker at East Leyden High School, it is recommended that you "take classes in psychology, sociology, and social work if possible to learn a little about the field." She also suggests, talking to different social workers because the field is so broad and diverse. It's helpful to learn about the different things you could do as a social worker.

Preferred Job Skills

  • Active Listening Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
  • Speaking Talking to others to convey information effectively.
  • Reading Comprehension Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
  • Social Perceptiveness Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.
  • Monitoring Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.
Job Outlook

The need is growing 20% but the goverment's funding is less


$53,540 per year

High School Preparation


Extra-Curricular Activities

I could join the FCCLA so I can develop leadership skill

Work/Volunteer Experience

I volunteer in the library reading for the little kids.Also I babysit two little girls after school.


  1. Meg Goins - Social Worker at East Leyden High School
  2. Maldonado, Jennifer-Child Care at East Leyden High Scool
  3. Kristine Sobieski - Facilitator and ACCESS Teacher
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My Post-Secondary Plan

In order to become a Child care & School social worker you need to go for two or four year college. My plan is to finish high school and college. I want to go to college for two or four years. When I am in college I want to work so I can save money and also to pay for the college I go to.


In conclusion, it is not an easy process to have the career you desire in life. Having to work hard and study long hours in order to achieve what you want in life. I will do my best in high school in order to enter the college that will benefit me in the long run. Any career you like, you have to have passion for the career you choose. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" Steve jobs.