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5ive For Friday...umm Make that Sunday

1. Quiet: Finding quiet in 2015 can be very difficult. Unless you have a ranch far removed from any highway or neighbor you likely don't experience what true quiet is. If you have children you have no idea what that word means. I honestly didn't experience true quiet until 2005 then again in 2008 and I haven't since. In 2005 I experienced what I call Nature Quiet. My brother and I went backpacking for a few days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) of Northern Minnesota. The great thing about the BWCA is that no vehicles are allowed there. You can drive up to the gate with your guide or outfitter and make your notations of where you plan to go, when and where you plan to be picked up. You also leave all those important contact and emergency information with your outfitter just in case you get eaten by a bear or eat those poisonous berries like the kid from Into The Wild (Great Movie, Better Book, Better Soundtrack by Eddie Vedder). It is true camping. You bring some food, but sometimes you have to catch your food. What was great about the experience was falling asleep at night to loons, crickets, a wolf howling in the distance. Looking up and seeing the stars, all the stars. Not just the ones that are strong enough to overcome all the lights of the city. It is a great experience and so peaceful, yet it is not true quiet. I experienced that in 2008 on Mt. Rainier. My friend Thad (follow him on Instagram for some of the best pictures of nature you will ever see. He hikes daily with his dog Lucy...he is a story for another day for his approach to living HIS life on HIS terms) and I decided literally the day before that we would try to hike up to the base of a glacier on Mt. Rainier. Thad and I went to high school together, I discovered pizza after high school and he discovered long distance running and once ran 10 marathons in 10 days. I once ordered pizza for 10 straight meals. Needless to say I slowed him down. We did make it, in one day. Granted we started our hike at 6am and finished around 6 that night. It was painful and one of the best days of my life. My legs burned, my back ached, my feet were blistered, my head hurt, and I took the most amazing pictures of my life. In a given hour we would experience freezing cold, blowing snow, down pours of rain and heat and humidity. The payoff was once we were clear of the trees above the line where vegetation would grow. As you continue to climb the air thins, the temperature can drop, the winds increase, and the noise vanishes. You don't even hear birds. No noise. Literally no noise. It is a type of peace that most people don't experience. I have never experienced that before or since. We sat there for hours. Mostly sitting, taking pictures.

For some people this would be uncomfortable, they need noise. These are the people who need a fan going at night, or fall asleep to music or the tv. In one study, this "like of noise" or "dislike of noise" is often linked to people being introverted or extroverted. Extroverts like noise. They need background noise and don't function well in silence. They love to collaborate, work in teams, be leaders. However, introverts make great leaders too. While they can collaborate they prefer to work alone, they prefer the quiet- Abraham Lincoln was an introvert so was FDR. However, Teddy Roosevelt, and Benjamin Franklin were extroverts. All great leaders but very different in approach. (Yes, Franklin was a great leader even though never president. He was also an inverter, writer, creative genius, and comedian -Google it)

In 2015 we are an extroverted society. People who make noise get attention, just look at the current presidential race or any presidential race in the last 50 years. Collaboration is everywhere. Our instruction is based on collaboration of staff, teachers, and our students. However, 50% of us are introverts. We prefer the calm, the quiet, the peaceful, the time to work alone. So the question becomes - when are we providing this for each other and our students during the day (outside of on a test!)? We often talk about learning styles but rarely do we talk about the introverts and extroverts.

While you ponder that, I am waking up to some peace and calm before the storm of 300 FISD 5th Graders at Pine Cove. I hope you all have a calm and peaceful day and find some time to discover quiet this weekend!

Links: on Instagram: THADDEUSDUHME;https://www.instagram.com/thaddeusduhme/

The BWCA (highly recommended for your outdoor friends): http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/superior/specialplaces/?cid=stelprdb5202169

2. Who I am inspired by: Rainn Wilson: Yes, Dwight from The Office. Actor, director, tech company founder? Yes Dwight from the office is the guy behind "Kid President" and the cool website: SoulPancake. He is a creative who really wants to make people better, and inspire people to do kind things. Not a bad idea.

"Cynicism is a disease that robs people of the gift of life.” – Rainn Wilson

3. What I am listening to: After the One Direction shout out last week I probably have you curious about this week. Will he say Justin Beiber? Selena Gomez? Wham!? Sorry. Going a little more old school today. This band was referenced last week and is simply needed on everyone's playlist: Fleetwood Mac. Simply great sing along rock songs. They recently got back together and did a tour. It sold out in minutes and they packed stadiums. Stadiums. After all this time they still pack stadiums. Check out these classics: Everywhere, Go Your Own Way, and my personal favorite Dreams. Try not to sing along. They are a huge band and 65 million plays for Go Your Own Way on Spotify proves it. That is 65 million plays for one song. Amazing.

4. What I am reading: The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss....I'm trying to expand on my dishes. So far I have mastered Macaroni and Cheese and I'm looking to expand on this menu.

5. Question to ponder: I actually listened to a man at Starbucks asking this question on the phone...I wanted to follow him around all day because he was discussing some heavy questions with I can only assume were very important people on the other end: "How close are we to a time in which artificial intelligence and human intelligence reach a cross roads and important decisions need to be made about what direction we must take?" -Whoa. These are questions that our students we are teaching at Hosp will be forced to answer. Think about that at your next Olweus Friday Meeting.

Let's focus on instruction these last two weeks! Enjoy your 12 days!

Have a great week!