My profile; Me

basic facts

Hello! My name is Sara Kannianen.

I'm an ordinary 14-year-old girl from Finland.

I was born in the november 18th, so I'm turning 15 soon. (yay!)

I love all kinds of music and I practice dancing three times a week.

My public social media accounts are: snapchat/kik: sarjuski Instagram: saramariaxx

My Life

I live in Tyrnävä, Finland. I have three younger sisters, and I look after them when my parents are at work. My youngest little sister lives with our dad and his new wife. I like to study, I don't know why I enjoy it, I just do. When I'm not studying or taking care of my sisters I'm dancing in a dance school called Cross Move Company. I dance street dances. (Hip hop, house etc.) I'm going to the finnish championship competition for the second time. Last time our dance group was in the top 5.

My other social media accounts

What I didn't tell you in my basic facts is that I like to broadcast on younow regularly. If you want to have a chat with me make sure to check me out on younow as well! the link to my profile is:

Hopefully I'll see you in my next broadcast! :)