Bobcat Bulletin

Week of September 21 - 25

Principal Message

Hello FVES Community,

What a week! I'm sure everyone is happy to get this week past them and are looking forward to some fresher air for school week #2. This week was a week of trying to get the "glitches" out of the CDL system. Thank you for your patience and perseverance to learn along side us as we ventured into these uncharted waters.

One glitch was with a new attendance system that is requiring teachers to input attendance in a different manner. I think we are squared away with this new process. Teachers are now required to mark something for every student every day. (in the past they only marked absent students from class). Students will be marked in 1 of 3 ways during CDL. 1. Attending Synchronously (meaning that they were face to face with teacher) 2. Attending Asynchronously (turning in work but not face to face) 3. Absent. Parents should only receive an attendance notification if their student didn't participate either in a minimum of one synchronous event or didn't turn in an assignment before 4p.m. each day. If students do asynchronous work after 4p.m. the teacher will change the absent record to attended synchronously, the following school day.

While we'd love every student be present all the time we realize it's not always possible. It's okay if students miss a session during the day. They can make up for it by completing work or watching a video of what they missed at a later time. Our goal is to have students participating 90% of our school days. If our students collectively attend 90% of our days between September 14th and Oct. 2nd, I am going to have Mr. Reuter and Mr. Sarah duct tape me to the outer school wall and let kids throw a water balloon at me. This event will happen on Oct. 9 from 3:30pm - 5:30p.m. More info to come!

It wasn't a perfect first week but it was a great first week! We got to see our kids and learn how to make CDL better. We are looking forward to continual improvement and learning!

Go Bobcats!

Mr. Petrick

Wifi Hub at Gym

FVES received permission from the county to allow a limited number of students to access the school's Wifi. If there are students who need to access Wifi and might want to utilize this resource, please contact the main office at 503-844-1739. Students must register to gain entrance as capacity is limited.