internet safety...

how to keep yourself safe online

How to stay safe on the internet

The following advice I researched in class

1 Don’t post any personal information on line.

2 like your address.

3 email address or mobile number.

4 fishing is a type of scam where the con artists disguise as a trustworthy source in attempt to obtain private information such as passwords, and credit card information, etc. through the internet.

5 Don’t be friends with people you don’t know.?

6 if you are being abuse hit the REPORT ABUSE BUTTON.

7 make sure you put your settings as so your friends and family can see it and make sure your friends have a safe account so no pictures can been seen by strangers.

8. Don't open emails or attachments from people you don't know.

9.Never arrange to meet someone in person who you've met on line.

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how to report abuse

I put this in to help people know how to report abuse

when you are on the internet if there is even the slightest bit of worry for your safety or anyone else's safety report it straight away. A majority of social websites like twitter face book snap chat ect have a report button however if there is not one or you cant find it you can report abuse at Never be afraid of reporting problems because on the website above ^ its stays confidential,don't worry about friends or family finding out ceop will help you get through this, you wont get in any trouble your doing the right thing

if you are scared about reporting on line abuse watch this video

You can ring CEOP on 44 (0)870 000 3344 you're not alone.

tips for parents.

Children and young people spend a lot of time on line and may face risks such cyber bullying or being exposed to inappropriate contents.Has there been a sudden change in your child's behaviour? has he/she been acting suspiciously?it's important that you talk to your child about staying safe.If anything you see or read on your child's computer/phone would you, tell someone about it? make sure they can talk to you don't scream or shout it will never help anything it will just push them to do it even more stay calm take his/hers phone and click report abuse.

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