By C Long


A drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience.
Dramatic Structure-

Like the plot of a story, the plot of a play involves characters who face a problem or conflict.

characters and conflict are introduced


tension builds


point of highest tension;
action determines how the conflict will be resolved


conflict is resolved;

play ends

A tragedy is a play that ends unhappily.

•Most classic Greek tragedies deal with serious, universal themes such as

•Tragedies pit human limitations against the larger forces of destiny.

•Comic complications always occur before the conflict is resolved.

Modern playwrights often experiment with unconventional plot structures.

When you read a play, remember that it is meant to be performed for an audience

§Theater artists include



§Lighting technicians

§Stage crew

Stages can have many different sizes and layouts.

The stage extends into the viewing area

The characters’ speech may take any of the following forms.