come visit sometime made by Gavin and Rylan


Come visit Mesopotamia, we have great religion and and a huge ziggurat. We are protected by the god of wind, Boreas and that's just one of our many glory's.

our tech (for more info go to www.ourtech.meso.old).

Here in Mesopotamia we have the latest tech. We have the wheel and cart, It really helps us move stuff like corn or grain, we also have a very high tech way of writing called cuneiform, it helps us keep track of how much food we have and while your here you should read our epic Beowulf in our local library.


Saturday, Sep. 26th, 6pm


we will atack all the nearby towns for more power and land job open, looking for good blacksmith,swordsman and archer.

social structre

Our social class is huge because we have the slaves on the lower class so watch out and don't do anything bad.You will start of in the middle class but if you stay then someday you can make it up there with the kings and preasts

our trades

Our trades our great, we trade with our surrounding villages and get things like cows and corn if you stay you can become a trader yourself.

our goverment

If you want to live here you need to now the government and the laws. If you hurt someone then they will do it back to you, an eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth.And also thanks to the aspersions we have many library.