Russia Newsletter

-By Cayden Wells


On April 26, 1986 a power plant reactor in Chernobyl exploded and caught fire. At that time Ukraine was a part of the soviet union. When it exploded a radioactive cloud about 3,280 feet into the air witch spread over Ukraine, Belarus , and Russia. Each material of radioactive gas has a half time a half time is lets say in 30 years from 1986 a radioactive accented happened so it would take around 30 years for only half of that radioactive gas to disappear into the air.

The soviot collapse

The soviet union formed in 1922. People in Eurasia republics has resigned the soviet policy of the russification . In 1985 Mickhail gorbachev became head of the soviet communist party. He promoted a movement known as perestroika witch is restructuring. gorbachev also introduced a policy of glasnost

The Aral Sea

Effects to grow cotton lead to the shrinking of the aral sea. Pollution contributes to problems in the Aral Sea. Pesticides and fertilizer pesticides are chemicals that kill bad insects. In 2005 Kazakhstan with help from the world bank to build a dam to save the north Aral Sea . Large parts of central Asia are mainly arid and semiarid meaning there's no rainfall or a little of rainfall.