Remembrance Day Plan

Thursday Morning November 7th

Plan for the day and Updates

Hi Everyone,

Just to update everyone about our Remembrance Day Assembly, we're all ready and after a few adjustments, know this is going to be another great event in our school. Thanks to Heidi, Harpreet, Kim S and Monique for helping to make this all come together.

-----Poppies and Remembrance Day Programs are now in everyone's boxes.

-----Please give the poppies to the students right before the assembly and talk about how it is important, they don't "play or fiddle" with the poppies during the assembly

-----We will be assembling in the Gym as we usually do for our Assemblies

-----Teachers will need to help direct students to the front if they are performing, please ask Heidi if you have any questions about this

-----If Non Enrolling Teachers and EAs can help in directing students to come in and leave the gymnasium quietly, that would be appreciated:)

-----There is no Music Prep tomorrow morning, so please talk to Phil about how and when we could make this time up for Divisions 16/17/12/22 and 25. Phil has marked it in the Prep Recovery book.

-----There are no gym classes Thursday morning

Any other things we may have missed, please let any members of the committee know

Thursday November 7th Day Plan

8:30 Gym is set up for the Remembrance Day Assembly

8:35 Three Grade Six students doing tributes and MC's go to gym to practice

9:00 Kindergarten Students do Run Through in the gym

9:15 Grade Two students do run through in the gym

9:30 Grade 3/4 students do run through in the gym

9:45 All Choir students go to the gymnasium

10:00 Recess

10:20 Students get ready to enter Gymnasium. We WILL be calling classes down

10:30 Remembrance Day Ceremony begins

Thanks Everyone!