ROE Kindergarten

Where the magic begins November 30- Dec. 4

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What We Are Learning

ELAR - Plan by generating ideas for writing through class discussions and drawings, identifying and reading at least 25 high-frequency words, and share information and ideas by speaking audibly and clearly using the conventions of language.

Math- We will count forward and backward up to 15 with and without objects, read, write and represent whole numbers from 0 to 15 with and without objects, and count a set of objects up to at least 15 and demonstrate that the last number said tells the number of objects in the set regardless of their arrangement or order.

Science - I will learn that the natural world includes earth materials like water, soil, and rock.

Social Studies- We will identify and use geographic tools that aid in determining location, including maps and globes.

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Upcoming Events

December 17 - Polar Express Day

December 18 - 7:45 AM Hawk Assembly and early release (12:00)

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