Patron of Marriage and Childbirth.

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My name is Hera. I was raised by the Titans, Oceanus and Tethys, although Cronus and Rhea are my real parents. I married my brother Zeus, but it was definitely not because I love him. I married him to cover up my shame of being raped by him. Being the disgusting and sneaky person he is, he disguised himself as a battered bird. As for me, I felt sorry for the poor thing and held it close to comfort it. Zeus changed back into himself and did the terrible deed. He is also a very violent man. A few others and I who had been knocked around by Zeus. We tried to place revenge of him, but one of his friends let him go. Zeus then hung me in the sky and I wept all night in miserable pain. Apparently I kept him up all night and the ugly god couldn't get his beauty sleep. Following the next morning, he agreed to let me go if I swore to never rebel again. I had no other choice. So, I followed his command.

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Hera was known as the supreme goddess, making her the patron of marriage and childbirth. She is also referred to as Juno.

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All the gods and goddesses we invited to a wedding a while back for my two great friends Peleus and Thetis! The only goddess not invited was Eris This is because she's the goddess of discord. She brought a golden apple to the wedding inscribed with the words "for the fairest one" through feelings of jealousy. So being the beautiful woman I am, along with Athena and Aphrodite, we all claimed that the apple belonged to ourselves. We thought that is was a great idea to make Zeus choose who the most beautiful was. Zeus did not want to make a decision. Therefore, he passed the choice on to Prince Paris. Athena, Aphrodite, and myself all offered him something to gain the title of most beautiful woman. I offered to him control over all of Asia and Europe. Athena promised wisdom, fame, and glory in battle. Aphrodite offered the most beautiful wife in the world. He chose Aphrodite! I was absolutely baffled with his decision. I'm filled with anger for those who think of other women as more beautiful than me.

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