September Students of the Month

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Mission of the student of the month program

To bring the community together to honor and praise our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school activities, athletics, and community service. Or the ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The “heartbeat” of Student of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school, and community with sincerity and passion. They must be college or trade school-bound.

The following students were honored as September 2019 Students of the Month

Great Oak High School - Emika Saito

Administrators and teachers shared that this isn't Emika's first student of the month breakfast. She sat on her mother's lap when her brother was recognized years ago. Greatness runs in the family. Emika is one of the most accomplished students at GOHS. It's not because of her 4.8 GPA or her application to Harvard for early acceptance. It is because of her willingness, kindness, courage, naturally inquisitive nature, and how she is truly motivated by her character of goodwill. Emika's dream is to pursue the biomedical field to help people. Emika shared that her biggest life lesson has been to treasure each and every experience she has. Her IB math teacher summed it up, "Everything she does is impressive."

Chaparral High School - Tyana J. Ortiz

Administrators and teachers shared that Tyana embraces passion, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence. She has been a part of CHS' award-winning NJROTC program and is currently an Executive Officer and Armed Drill Commander. She has completed the Area 11 Leadership Academy, which is only available to a select few, she has completed over 300 community service hours, and is a member of several clubs. She has applied to the United States Naval Academy and Texas A&M. Her teachers describe her as an inspiring, energetic, enthusiastic, engaged student and an overall great human being. It is also her birthday today! Tyana shared that the biggest lesson she overcame was the fear of leadership. She has definitely tackled her fear. She wants to be a naval officer and pursue a degree in atmospheric science. "As long as I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it."

Rancho Christian High School - Johnathan Limas

John's football coached shared that, "John is destined for a life of greatness and he will impact the lives of those around him." John shared that his goal is to attend Biola University to study business. He would like to help his Pechanga tribe and be a role model for the youth in his tribe. The lesson he learned is to always give his best regardless of the circumstances. He shared that adversity means he puts his best into everything. His teachers shared that he is always smiling, polite, great attitude, determined, hard-working, he works with everyone, prepared, positive, and a great mentor for underclassmen. "He doesn't stand in front, but he leads by example."

Temecula Preparatory High School - Ken Soltys

Administrators and teachers shared that Ken has charm, gracefulness, integrity, he is charismatic, a servant leader, kind-hearted, diligent, a logical thinker, and a steady leader. He is always strategic in his approach, he is clear, professional, and poised. One teacher shared an Aristotle quote about Ken, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit." Ken shared his gratefulness for his family and mentors. An obstacle he overcame is that he broke his leg last year during a football game and had to sit out and watch everyone practice for six months and he couldn't do anything or help. This inspired him to want to pursue a career in kinesiology at Boise State University.

Linfield Christian High School - Ashley Prillerman

Administrators and teachers shared that Ashley is selfless, caring, and a servant leader who is always behind the scenes helping everyone to shine around her. She is always lifting others around her. Intellectual, heartfelt, and has tremendous wisdom. Ashley reflected on the challenge that impacted her and changed her. Her family dynamics changed when she was in the eighth grade and she became bitter. She didn't want to dwell on how she was feeling and reached out for help and now lives for joy. Her soccer coach shared that Ashley has always had incredibly high goals and has always been a leader. "She leads by bringing others along with her, not just for her own success." Her future goal is to attend Georgetown University and pursue a career as a doctor.

Temecula Valley High School -Tori Draughon

Administrators and teachers shared that Tori lives by a kindness code. She is a star student and an accomplished principal cellist. She is admired by her teachers because she has learned to appreciate the struggles in life and how that leads to accomplishments. She has incredible perseverance. Tori plans to attend Brigham Young University and pursue a career in music education with a focus on playing the cello. She shared that raw talent doesn't work, you have to work hard to better yourself and find your true potential. Her teacher shared, "Tori taught me how to make our school orchestra better."

Founder/Advisor: Sally A. Myers, Sizzler/BMW Management

Thank you Program Sponsors, Dignitaries, and Volunteers

The student of the month program is successful because of the many individuals who contribute time, support, and resources. We extend our deepest appreciation to all who support the program and our students. For a complete list, please click here.

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