SWE Pony Tracks

October 7

Quick Notes

Hi folks! This will be a quick one!
  1. Blank planning calendars have been places in the OneNote Book for October and November
  2. You can find new content to the notebook on the front page marked "New Additions". Click on the link to go straight to the content you want.
  3. Two workdays this week mean observations will be running behind. We will reschedule.
  4. PDPs are due and you have all been doing a great job getting them in. If you are on the short observation cycle, Mrs. Stitz and I will be contacting you to sign off on your PDP soon.
  5. Planning teams, please get your feedback to me via email as soon as possible. I would like to present a full report and get our plan updated as soon as possible to allow for any last minute curve balls. Those that have turned theirs in, THANKS! :)
  6. Door awards are starting to pop-up! We have had some seriously AWESOME planning breakthroughs this past week. I love to watch you guys work your magic!
  7. Notice the background of this flyer? Post in the comment box why this background was chosen.

Month at A Glance


Attractions Book Sales for PTO

10 Wednesday

Team strategic plan revision suggestions and vision, mission, purpose feedback due to Castle.

18 Tuesday


19 Wednesday

School Planning Team Meeting

20 Thursday

ERPD: Pot-Luck Theme-International!

21 Friday

CCCC Sealant Trip

24-28 Monday-Friday

Onsite Dental Sealant Program

25 Tuesday

Susanne Long presenting on MTSS and TIPS

Strategic Plan Update Due

3rd Grade to Papa's Farm

27 Thursday

RTA Test Administration

Read for the Record http://www.jstart.org/campaigns/read-for-the-record

Kindergarten Field Trip

Fall Festival

28 Friday

2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade on Field Trips

31 Monday

Grades Close

PTO Costume for a dollar day

November 2 Wednesday

Deadline for report cards to be entered into PowerSchool

November 7 Monday

Report Cards go Home

ISTE Conference Application

Sunday, June 25th 2017 at 12am

San Antonio, TX, United States

San Antonio, TX

This is THE conference to be at! Want to come along?

The International Society for Technology in Education is an amazing opportunity to see the latest and greatest advances in instructional technologies in the WORLD and SWE is going!!!! You can find more information here.

Follow this link to complete your application.


Selected staff will be announced the first week in November.

Submit your application by October 31st.