My Moiety

Nurture Nature.

Personal Philosophy:

To model my moral compass by engaging with, learning from and respecting all living and non-living things. To develop as a learner and an educator through the acquisition of attributes and knowledge from admired individuals of all walks of life.

Professional Learning

  • Teachwild Fellowship (Earthwatch and CSIRO)
  • Courses in bee keeping, edible weeds and turtle tracking
  • Stephanie Alexander curriculum

  • City of Greater Dandenong's School's Garden Network: sharing experiences and solutions

Achievements This Year

  • Improved relationships with parents and students
  • Engaging, ‘living’ SLP’s
  • Networking with other schools (Schools Garden Network, Silverton PS, Woori Yallock PS)
  • Continued with Tiff (from CERES) on Sustainability works for AuSSI Vic certification (March next year)

Teaching approaches


by handing over responsibility to students


enduring experiences for enduring understanding and enduring empathic development

Social constructivist

allowing communication between students through collaborative work

Predict, Observe, Explain

for thinking scientifically

Think, pair, share

for collaboration and idea sharing

Stimulating Learning Platforms

Developing Children


through art integration, singing, acting/role play, guitar playing

Entrepreneurial skills

student lead SEAT’s. These involve students choosing a real action such as bringing in an incursion, running a lemon cordial stall, cooking a BBQ, developing a nursery or flower stall. Students have roles within group; Project Manager, Advertising, Sales, Resource acquisition, plan and develop their roles, participate in the action then reflect on their environmental impact. The Action needs to occur two or more times for students to develop an understanding on more sustainable, efficient methods for their Action. Interests and passions: my SLP’s (animal husbandry program, kitchen garden space, nursery work

My Contributions

How I contribute to the school beyond the classroom?

  • Chatting to parents (building relationships, sourcing materials for donation)
  • Garden and building improvements and maintenance
  • Grant applications for both funds and programs
  • Consultative committee
  • Sustainability committee
  • Parent gardening committee
  • Breakfast program committee
  • Steph Alex committee
  • School’s Garden Network meetings (City of Greater Dandenong)
  • Unlock gates and doors in morning
  • Gardening on weekends and holidays
  • Building retaining walls
  • Round up chickens!