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clell reed

Clell Reed is an oil worker with a wife and three kids at home.  His family often moves around to different oil wells.  Clell Reed is offered a job, the Reed family worries about his safety because of the dangers that come with his job.           1. Why do you work as an oil worker when there are so many dangers ?  I make a lot more then i used to as a farmer.     2. Has oil contributed to society in your opinion ?   Oil has built more schools and educated more children then any other industry.      3. Do you support oil ?  Yes, oil is creating jobs and cheap fuel.                     4. How could the oil industry improve ?      Stronger equipment would help a lot.     5. How will oil effect transportation ?      It will provide a cheap source of fuel.   In conclusion, Clell Reed supports oil production and believes that oil benifits our society.  Clell also announced that " the dangers that come with being an oil worker do not out weigh the paycheck" during the interveiw.

Spindletop oil reserve

  On January 10, 1901 an engineer named Anthony Lucas hit the largest reserve of oil the world has ever seen.  This success is due to one Texan by the name of Pattillo Higgins.  Despite the beliefs of geologists who said that the Gulf Coast region had little to no oil, Pattillo Higgins followed up on his hunch.                                                                                                                                               This very hunch led Pattillo Higgins to buy Spindletop Hill and create Gladys City Oil Gas and Manufacturing Company.  Due to many failed attempts at the company Pattillo Higgins resigned, yet placed ads to find other geologists and engineers to carry on his exploration for oil.                                                                                                                                            These ads led Pattillo Higgins to engineer Anthony Lucas in 1899.  Anthony Lucas began drilling at Spindletop Hill in October 1900, and hit oil on January 10. 1901.  When the Lucas rig hit oil, six tons of four inch drilling pipe shot from the ground with tremendous force.                                                                                                                                                   At Spindletop Hill the oil in the ground was under great pressure.  So, when the drillers bit pierced the oil-filled rock layers oil shot out in a giant shower.  This oil fountain approximately produces between 70,000 and 100.000 barrels of oil every day.                                                                                                                                                     In conclusion, this miraculous discovery of oil is due to the visions of one Texan named Pattillo Higgins and the hard work and perseverance of Anthony Lucas.  This oil reserve was hit on January 10, 1901 and produces and estimated 70,000 and 100,000 barrels of oil per day.  The Spindletop Hill gusher is believed to be the symbol of Texas oil wealth. 

letters to the editor

supporting letter

To Editor Austin,                                                                                                                                         I highly support oil production.  Though I have to admit that I did not at first.  Now I am an oil worker and I make considerably more than I did as a farmer.  My life as an oil worker is adventurous and I always get to travel and visit different places when we start drilling somewhere new.  "In my opinion the pros of oil out weigh the cons."

opposing letter

Dear Editor Austin,                                                                                                        I object to oil production.  The reasons why I object is that farmers have been losing their jobs and oil is not healthy for the environment.  There is a lot of pollution, flammability, and flooding of towns due to oil. Oil exposure can be bad for health as well. Oil production is dangerous and too many wells can cause over drilling. “In my opinion oil could be good for other things but bad for you and your health.”