Excessive Technology Use

How much is too much?

So what's the problem?

Isolation; Lack of Social Skills; Obesity; Depression; Poor Sleep Habits; Pollution; Increased Bullying; Lack of Privacy; Higher level of Deceit; Warped Sense of Reality; Stress; Lack of social boundaries; Lack of sexual boundaries; Constant distraction; Neck and Head Pain; Shortened Attention Span; Addiction; Lack of Empathy; More violence; Higher energy consumption; Development issues in children; Lack of family interaction; Loss of language

How can we fix it?

If the problem is excessive time the solution is to limit it. One way to help limit it is with a web browser that limits how much time you spend on technology. Every device connected to the WiFi of the browser can be controlled. If you go over your time, you have two options. One is that the device will shut off. The other is that for every minute you spend over your allotted time, you will have to donate 10 cents to a charity of your choice.

What is needed

To make this possible, we would have to meet with someone who can develop software.