The legacy of the NFL

By: Tammy bernal

the nfl purpose

the purpose of the nfl is that when familys get together and enjoy yelling cheering it makes a purpose that the nfl was made. There maybe many resons why the nfl was made and how it became what it is today but i would think the big purpose would be that "Your family is together and with nothing to lose watching football and enjoying the game and each other."

how is the NFL a business?

Theirs many reasons why the nfl is a business.
  1. they sell shirts and many football thing online
  2. they have alot of consumers who make money by there teams winning each game like if they were making profit.
  3. Thiers many fan who bid online on there favorite team.

the nfls motivation

The motivation would be many things. Maybe it would have to be how famous the one who created the NFL. Or how much money people make for playing football or directing football theirs many motivations but the big motivation would be like the purpose, enjoying the game with you family would me the motivation for me the NFL wouldn't be as big as it is today if it wasn't for the fans. The NFL would be the most watched program on television theirs millions and millions of fans out there who go for there favorite team and favorite players. So the motivation would be the fans and how people love to get together and enjoy the game.