Labadee, Haiti

Royal Caribbean cruise and delta flight

-$330 per person for the flight from BWI to FLI, about a 4 hour flight.

-$360 per person for the cruise tickets.

-leaves from Fort Lauderdale, then too haiti, then Falmouth, Jamaica.

Labadee, Haiti

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2019 at 9-11pm

Labadee, Nord, Haiti

Labadie, Nord

4 day trip

Activities on the boat

10 pools, rock climbing wall, and mini golf course to name a few.

Activities on the beach

Go swimming, do the zipline, and tour the area.


A lot of the transportation can be done by foot after taking a bus to and from the beach.


- Most fundraising will be done through a Indian Dash like event, that would be our main money raising method

- Also through a donation war throughout the school, this would be used to finish off the expenses if the Indian dash event doesnt cover all of it.


-$560 per person including flight and cruise tickets.

-Everybody will have to find someway to the airport, you will have to pay for a taxi if you cant get a ride, that is going to cost you. Those expenses will not be included.

-Each person should bring extra money for personal purchases


volunteer chaperones, such as teachers, and parents. However, they will not be included in our budget unless we make enough to cover them too.