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BC Weekday

"The innocence of a child is what makes them stand out as shining example to the rest of mankind" Kurt Chambers

Hello everybody!

We are welcoming January and the Year of 2016 with some changes. Ansley is our new girl. You can see her on the photos below. Noah is not in our class anymore, and we are still finalizing the hiring process to fill up Talitha's position. Meanwhile, be certain that your child is being loved and cared for by all these wonderful women that have come to help us.
Ms. Gabby prepared some cool black and white prints to help your kid acheive his/her full potential during this phase.

We missed some kids this week. Allie, James and Mollie got sick. Their Moms did great taking good care of them. Let's pray that they get better soon.

Good News

Our class and Ms. Charmica's class are preparing a small breakfast for you guys on Tuesday. Please, come a little earlier and have some Brazilian cheese rolls and coffee with us. We want to talk with you, share some of our thoughts and hear you, to improve even more the quality of our school. It will be a fun time to all of us.

Priscilla, Gabby and Joni