Krissy Ledgister

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Welcome Everyone!

Next year, in 8th grade, it would be my honor to represent my school by being a peer leader. Peer leading shows leadership, and I am a great fit for the job. My view of leadership is being a student who is a role model for younger and older students. Sometimes leadership is very hard, but what keeps me moving is my inspirations... my friends & family.

About Me

I am a very organized, responsible, and reliable student. Those qualities are also what makes me a strong leader. Because I am not a perfect leader, I hope to gain some tips from serving in a leadership role (learning to work with different people, being more experienced with different things, etc.) I hope to be a successful actress when I grow up, I love to entertain people a lot.

Interesting Facts

Am I Good With Others?

Working with others gives me another good reason to meet new people. Learning isn't just about math, science, etc. Its about learning how to cooperate with people you don't meet quite often also.


When I was in Ms. Yoo's class, I had to do a group project with partners and we decided to make a trailer about our own country. Our country was named Alphalfa.