Environmental Issues

Facts about our Environment and the Earth.

Natural Resources

Natural resources act as individuals and can be used by people. It can also be useful when it is not used by humans; like water. The population growth increases demands for natural resources.

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Renewable resources last forever and can be renewed. They are better for the environment than renewable resources are. Renewable resources like wind and sun.

Nonrenewable resources can eventually give out and they cannot be renewed. They are worse for the environment. Nonrenewable resources like oil and coal.

Pollution is all around the world and is not good. Pollution is everywhere; in all different kinds of forms. Pollution is caused by gases from factories, car and trucks; water that has been fracked or polluted with trash; and other things like how we treat the Earth. This is a global issue that will become worse throughout time unless acted upon.