Farmers and Farm Life

by: Katelynne Langer


Have you ever wondered what it would be like on a farm in colonial days? Well, I have! If you haven't, you are mssing out on a lot! The first thing I will explain about is, a tenant farmer. The second thing I will talk about is the life on a farm. The last thing I am going to tell you about is, the crops the farmers planted and grew. Learning about farming is an awesome thing to learn about.

Tenant Farmers

A tenant farmer is not like any regular farmer. Tenant farmers are settlers that could not afford to buy their own land. They also have to pay rent for the landor they would have to the crops they produced. To pay the rent, some of the tenants had to plant an orchard, put up a fence, or they had to build a house. After a while, if they didn't do very well on the farm they could get forced off the farm if the owner says so. Then, at the end of the colonial period, the tenant farmers in some areas made up for the men who did not own land. Even though a tenant farmer is not that rich, it is still a farmer no matter what.

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm is pretty hard to do because it is a lot of work. On the farm nearly everyone does at least some kind of farming. Some jobs on the farm were to plant the crops and to clear the land. Sometimes there would be neighbors next to you that can help you out with stuff that needs more than one person to do it. A thing that your neighbors could help you out with chopping down trees to make something. Also, it was pretty lonely on thhe farm because the neighbors don't often come over that much to help. It is not that hard on the farm when there are neighbors by your side helping you out.


In colonial days there are many different types of crops. One kind of crop that farmers grew and planted are called cash crops. Some of the main cash crops in colonial times were corn, wheat, indigo, tobacco, and rice. Rum is also a really big cash crop too, for the colonists. Also, a couple of the New England farmers planted and grew garden crops and grains. But they don't put those as cash crops. Sometimes when any kind of farmer plants their crops they only do it on a portion of their farms. Another thing is that the farmers usually planted their crops repeatedly. Crops can make you very rich. It can also make an awesome dish.


Farming on a farm isn't as easy it looks and sounds. First, a tenant farmer isn't as rich as any other farmer. Second, life on a farm can change your life a lot. Finally, crops on a farm is one of the most important things. Farming! Farming! Farming! That may be a word you never heard of. But now you do!


Cash Crops: A crop that is sold for money.

Portion: A part of the area that you own.

Repeatedly: To do over and over again.


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All About The Author

Hi, my name is Katelynne Langer and I am in 5th grade. I am also 11 years old. Some of my hobbies are soccer, dancing, and acting. My favorite animals are huskies and horses. Finally, the reason why I wrote this is because I love to learn about farms and how they work.