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Do you take pictures with your cell phone?

If you take pictures with your smart phone, you could be putting yourself and your kids at risk! Luckily, it can be prevented. Take a look:
Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

How much and how fast can predators figure out information?

It's a scary world out there in the World Wide Web and it is important to teach our kids to be safe! Just as you learned not to take candy from a van or talk to strangers when you were growing up, our students also need to learn the digital equivalent of that. To give you an idea of how easy it is for someone to piece together personal information from multiple sites, check out this shocking (and real life) story about Theresa! To find out how much stuff is on the internet about you and your kids, try "Googling" your names. Depending on how much pops up, can someone peice together your information? Read more about it here! Netsmartz has a whole portion of its website devoted to educating parents about internet safety- click here to view.

Here are several tip sheets for parents:

- Learn how to spot, deal with, and talk about cyberbullying
- Did you know that there are four types of cyberbullies? Check out this brochure I made that tells you who they are and what you can do about it.
- Check out this whole website devoted to cyberbullying.
- Learn the lingo of phishing, spyware, trojans and more and five things you can do to protect yourself and your computer
- Kids LOVE video games but are they being safe?
- Protect your kids online by taking charge, monitoring, and communicating
- Get the scoop about social networking sites, what they look like, and positive ways to use them
- While our students are still quite young, be preventative with these tips to make sure they are using their cell phones appropriately!

A note about Bullying

Keep in mind there will always be conflict in middle school, it is part of growing up! If your child says someone is bullying them, ask what happened. Many times students will misuse the term "bullied" and when that word is used, it is taken very seriously from an administrative point of view. Next, ask your child if they did anything to provoke the action of the other student. Many incidences started by "just playing around". While we want kids to enjoy their experiences at school, we save the "playing" for after school. Your child should tell the other person to stop when it happens again. If the action continues after that, report it to a teacher or staff member.


Delaware recently passed a law that schools are required to address cyberbullying. What happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. can now lead to consequences at school or even involve the local authorities in some cases. Help us prevent incidents by monitoring what your child is doing online and communicating problems early on!
Anti-bullying information for parents. What is cyber bullying?

Advice for kids

Delete, Block, Report!
What is cyberbullying?