Brick layers formula

By Nelly Gigele on 10 december 2015

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Brick layers formula intro

In this project, I will find a wall at AIS, but it must be rectangular so I can find the are of it bu measuring L times W. The measurement have to be in feet, though.

I will also need to measure the height and take photos to prove it.

Intro continued

I will calculate the number of bricks using the bricklayers formula: N=7LH N is for the number of bricks needed for a wall that is L-feet long and H feet high. I will compare this amount to the actual amount of the bricks in the wall.I will analyze the two numbers. If they are the same,or almost the same, the bricklayers formula is true. If they are not the same then it is not true.Also,make a formula, so it Will work for the wall.It all depends on the size of the bricks.

Here are my pictures....

All together...


The area of the brick wall is 340 bricks when I counted them by hand.

Area true?

To find out if it is true you need to do 11.5 times 5, which gives you 57.5and that is 7. Then you do 340 divided bu 57.5 which = 5.9.Then you do 5.9 times 11.5 times 5 = 339.5. It is close to the brick layers formula. Lora worked with me and somehow she got 304 as her answer. If I am wrong please tell me how she got it.Thank you. I tried my best.


In this project I found out how to find out things, like brick layers formula. I tried my best and I hope it is ok.
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