Jennifer Zuspan

Should Parents Be Able to Opt Children Out of Vaccines?

I believe that parents should not be able to opt children out of required vaccinations. This will create many health risks. One of these is catching and then spreading the disease such as the virus measles. But, if lots of people get the vaccination then herd immunity will happen. Herd immunity is when lots of people get the vaccine they are immune and wont get the disease. This will cause no worries about outbreaks.


Many parents are trying to opt their children out of required vaccinations. Some believe there are too many risks in getting a vaccine. But, many parents believe that they should get vaccines so their children are immune to diseases. The question going around is should parents be able to opt their children out of required vaccinations?

Why children should get vaccines

  • If children don't get vaccines there is a great chance that they will get infected
  • When they get infected they can spread the virus
  • When lots of people get vaccines they can achieve herd immunity
  • Some viruses spread very quickly and when you have a vaccine you can prevent catching the virus
  • Even though some children are allergic to the vaccine there are other options
  • Vaccines are always getting improved so if your child gets sick from one, the next time it will most likely not give your child the same sickness.

Why Parents Might Need To Opt Children Out Of Vaccines

  • Some children are allergic to the vaccinations
  • The vaccinations can give people brain damage.
  • Religions will believe that getting vaccines are bad (non religious)