Zebra Mussels

Invasive Species of the United States

Where did they come from? How did they get here?

Where did they come from?

  • Originated in Caspian Sea.
  • In U.S. in late 1980's
  • In 20 U.S. states (by Ontario and Quebec)

How did they get here?

  • Ships carrying dirt from Caspian containing them
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How does it impact the Ecosystem?

Animals it eats:



Freshwater lakes or seas

Animals it out competes:


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What good does it do? What bad?


Filters up to a liter of water a day

Makes lakes cleaner


Clings on to rocks

Hurts when you step on them

Out competes fish and native mussels for food

Clogging any pipes with water coming through them from the lake

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How much has been spent? How much will be spent?

Has been

60 million dollars per year from power ind.

5,000 per hour

Will be

U.S. estimates on spending 3.1 billion in next 10 years!

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What are people doing to stop the spread?

Washing their boats

Zebra Mussels get clogged in motors and pipes and cost everyday people millions!

How fast are they spreading?

In her five-year lifetime, a single zebra mussel will produce about five million eggs, 100,000 of which reach adulthood.

They have spread to 20 states since the 1980's!

They stay on boats when people move boats and that is how they spread

"Silent Invaders" Zebra Mussels 2013

By Elly and Ella 😊😂