City Yoga Lessons

The snow

When I woke up I looked outside it was hard to see my window was really foggy and there were this white stuff out side I went right the kitchen my mom was cooking pancakes they smelt really good and I asked her what that white stuff outside and she said that is snow.

Then she was finished with the pancakes and she gave me one and it was one of the best ones I ever had and she still makes them like that but back to the story.

After that she gave me this big jacket and she said that the snow is really cold and she said you need at least two layers I put on a pair of sweats over my shorts then I put on long sleeves and a jacket then that big jacket my mom said it was coat.

After that my sister already was bundled up.

She said lets go outside and we went walking around I thought the white stuff was really cold. Then finally we have found huge hill I was nervous.

My sister was holding two giant disks and dropped one then I picked it up then she sat on the big disk and slid down the hill then I got on and my sister was up on the hill then she said hold on tight I thought why she told me to hold on tight then she pushed me I fell off and slammed my face in the was stuck in the snow it was really really cold. Then I found a water gun in the snow and put a whole bunch of snow then the snow melted my sister had one already a water gun then we wore soaked then I went down again it was really fun.

we did that for a while then my called us then we raced home then we came in side there was hot coca on the table then I drank mine down mmmm that was really good my mom said thank you I made it myself.

Then I took off all my stuff then I got the warmest blanket I had sat down in the middle of the floor and watched TV. I think I can do better bye making the story better making it longer. I think I did good on making kind of long