Cub Scout Pack 3

Eagles View Church Saginaw, Texas

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The Theme of November is being Trustworthy

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October Campout- What a great time we had on our first campout this year! Games, Activities, Sports, Pumpkin Carving there was so many things to do it was hard to squeeze them all into just one day! Campouts are a great way for the boys to learn about the joys of the great outdoors. With wilderness hikes, animal tracking and conservation projects your Scout will learn to respect the beauty of the world around him. I think my favorite activity is the campfire program and the end of a busy day of activities. The boys work hard to come up with skits to put on for the groups enjoyment and learn to appreciate the fellowship of their peers. What they don't realize is they are also learning to be showmen, building confidence in their own abilities and making friends that could last a lifetime. If you missed this campout never fear, we have another opportunity coming up in January!

The time for Recharter is upon us! Every year every Pack in the nation has to recharter with their council. We are beginning our process now. Please be prepared to register your Scout at the November Pack Meeting. The recharter fee is $25.50 per Scout. This will be the best opportunity to for us to really get a great start on this process as we will then go through our roster and submit the appropriate paperwork to the Longhorn Council. If you miss this opportunity, I can collect fees up until December 11th. After that your Scout can remain in Pack 3 but we will need a new registration form to accompany the registration fees. Lets knock this out early so there is no problems when it comes to the Recharter Process!

Do your remember our October Pack Meeting? I do! it sure was a lot of fun! I also remember Cubmaster Tim asking us to do a Good Turn Daily! Remember, A Scout is Helpful. It is easier than you realize to help a friend, neighbor or even a stranger have a better day because of one act of kindness. How will you help someone today?

Sales are done and the tally's are in! I want to let you know that we are so proud of all the hard work you Scouts did with popcorn sales this year. Do you realize, we had 29 boys sell almost $6300 in take order sales this year? AmAzInG!! This goes a long way in helping to fund our Pack activities for the rest of this Scouting year. Thank you for supporting your Pack! So, Who sold the most popcorn? Well, we have 5 Dens that participated and "Did Their Best"! The Den that sold the most popcorn this year had 10 Scouts that apparently have a hard time taking no for an answer. Collectively, the Wolf Den sold $3,136 dollars in popcorn in just 3 short weeks. Way to go Wolf Den! A pizza party will be coming your way soon! Let us congratulate the Scouts who took the top three spots in fundraising this year. Number 3: Tyler (Bear); Number 2: Sebastian (Bear) and the Scout that sold the most: Andy (Wolf)! Congratulations!

Cubmasters Minute

Did you ever pause to think about how helpful a tree is? It provides a nesting place for birds, shade from the sun, protection from the rain and clean air for us to breathe. It discards it's dead branches, providing wood for fires and for cooking food. It adds beauty to the countryside. We must admit that a tree gives a lot more than it receives. We can learn a lesson from the tree... by doing our best to always be helpful to others by putting others first, and ourselves second. Remember the lesson we learn from a tree, to give to others more than we receive.
Cubmaster Tim
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Upcoming events

11/20/15 Pack Meeting -Recharter fee of $25.50

12/18/15 December Pack Meeting
We will have a "Friendly" Cookie Exchange during our December Pack Meeting.
Pine Wood Derby Cars to be distributed during this Pack Meeting. Free to Scouts, available for purchase for Parents and Siblings wishing to participate.