Reading Beyond the Primary Grades

How to Help Your Reader

Reading Practices in School

These are just a few things to keep in mind when working with your student at home.

Students are expected to perform in three settings while in school.

  • Instructional Priorities
  • Knowledge Standards
  • High-Stakes Assessments

What we need to remember as parents and educators is that reading is:

  • Social
  • Comprehension is Constructive
  • Shaped by Our Purposes
  • Strategic

Everything we read can be thought of in each of these ways. Comprehending is a way to construct what we need to know and what we want to know. We read for all different purposes; fiction and non-fiction, textbooks and entertainment, informational and technical. Each thing that we read, we do so in a strategic way so that we can draw understanding.

Ways to encourage your reader through any text

Negotiating a Variety of Reading Contexts

  • Activate their background knowledge
  • vocabulary
  • make connections
  • use internal text structure
  • check for comprehension
  • create meaning for the text
  • reflect on and appreciate theme
  • discuss author's purpose and point of view

Teacher or Parent Guided Learning

Reading aloud

Thinking aloud

Modeling discussion with another teacher or parent